Scientific toys and educational toys

Scientific toys and educational toys

Educational toys with a leaning to science. All available with giftwrap and worldwide shipping.

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Crystal Radio Set Build a Crystal Radio Build Crystal Radio Science Toys For Kids

All the components including a sturdy mounting board are included to make a working radio which requ..


Gyroscope Toy Gyroscope Science Toys for Kids Science Toys For Boys Tedco Gyroscope

This is claimed to be the original in the sense that it is made in America, by the successors to ..


Scientific toy - TBR Globus educational Indoor ant nest or Antquarium

The Antquarium is both a stylish, living, desktop conversational piece and a fascinating project for..


Astronomy glow solar system Glow in the dark planets in your bedroom

Bring space into your own room with this Glow in the Dark solar system. Use the clear string provide..


Orbit Kinetic Model - desktop mobile - battery operated moving desktop sculpture

  A colourful, gravity-defying desk-top kinetic mobile Orbit Kinetic Mobile = Geek Chic..


Scientific toy hand boiler Purple or dark red design

Truly astounding. When the lower portion of the glass sculpture is held, the liquid rushes into t..