Coalport Figurines and Coalport ladies of Fashion

Coalport Figurines and Coalport ladies of Fashion
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Coalport Barbara figurine from Ladies of Fashion series - F61

Stunning Coalport figurine, named Barbara, from the Ladies of Fashion series. In good condition with..


Coalport Breeze Figurine by John Bromley - F63 - c1975

Charming Coalport figurine, dating around 1975. Designed by John Bromley from the series, Ladies of ..


Coalport Cottages The Villa pastille burner - 4.5 inches in height - NEGR135

A charming Coalport cottage or pastille burner - The Villa. Although previously owned, this is in ve..


Coalport figure The Goose Girl commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Brothers Grimm - F272

Striking Compton and Woodhouse Coalport figurine - The Goose Girl. Commissioned by Compton and Woodh..


Coalport figurine Coalport Clown figurine polka dot outfit - F21

Coalport figurine of a clown, polka dot outfit with maroon finish to the rims and to the pom pom on ..


Coalport figurine Coalport Kelly figurine Ladies of Fashion Green Dress - F11

Charming Coalport Ladies of Fashion figurine, modelled and decorated by hand. Wearing green dress wi..


Coalport figurine Coalport the Music Seller from Character Selection figurine - F85

Charming Coalport figurine from the Character Selection, and called the Music Seller. In good condit..


Coalport figurine Demure Chantilly Lace Series figurine - F67

Charming Coalport figurine from the Chantilly Lace series, named Demure. Designed by Elizabeth Green..


Coalport Figurine Fairest Flowers May F295 Compton and Woodhouse F295

Charming small Coalport figurine - named May - from the Fairest Flowers collection. Originally issue..


Coalport High Society Figurine style two - F23

c1991 Coalport High Society Figurine, style two designed by John Bromley. From the series Screen ..


Coalport Jack Glynn figurine Debutante Summer Bouquet

Charming Coalport figurine, modelled by Jack Glynn, a sweeping pink dress and a collection of flo..


Coalport Rosalinda Figurine - brown dress F39

Coalport Rosalinda Figurine. This particular figurine has a orange backstamp to the underside. The d..


Coalport Rosalinda figurine - F47

Stunning Coalport lady figurine, named Rosalinda. Dates around 1973, with an unknown designer. Orang..


Compton and Woodhouse figure Louisa at Ascot limited edition of 12500 Golden Age Collection - F234

Stunning Coalport figurine, named Louisa at Ascot, from the Golden Age series. Designed by Shirley C..


Cute Coalport dog ornament with flowers - A/F - NEGR206

A very cute sleeping dog ornament, manufactured by Coalport. This is not a perfect piece, as ther..


Coalport Debutante Of The Year 2001 The Rainbow Ball Peach Figurines

Very pretty Coalport figurine from the Debutante of the year series, 2001. This is a limited edition..


Coalport figurine Coalport Judith Ann figurine c1950 - retired c1972 - F457

A charming Coalport figurine - blue dress and orange Coalport backstamp. Dates between the years of ..


Coalport Lady Lilian Royal Ascot Miniature Collection Pink Figurines New

Coalport Lady Lilian Royal Ascot Miniature Collection Pink Figurines

Charming Coalport lady figurine from the Royal Ascot miniatures collection, designed by Richard Elli..


Vintage Coalport Penelope figurine Style One Orange backstamp F574

A stunning vintage Coalport figurine in pink floral dress and blue underskirt, issued between the ye..