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We hope that you find the perfect toy from our site! We offer a large range of toys, including pocket money toys and a large choice of traditional toys which when we decided to stock them definitely reminded us of our childhood! Feel free to browse all the categories, but if you have a particular toy in mind - or indeed - style of toy - then just pop the name or brand in the search box and you should be able to find it, if we stock it, without too much difficulty.

Popular toys at the moment are the soft rag dolls, suitable for boys or girls, the large size wooden carpentry tool box set and various other toys including the pocket money range.

Have you ever wondered which toys over the decades were the most popular? Well, I managed to find the following list - how many of them do you remember?

  • 1940s - Included Slinky, Magic 8 balls and bottled bubble solution and Lego
  • 1950s - Tonka Truck, Hula Hoop, and Barbie were a few from the most popular listed
  • 1960s - Etch-a-sketch, Hot Wheels, Easybake oven and Playmobil were just a few
  • 1970s - Baby Alive, Paddington Bear, Magna Doodle, and of course, the unforgettable Rubik's cube
  • 1980s - Polly Pocket, Care Bear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch kids
  • 1990s - Beanie Baby, Super Soaker, Buzz Lightyear and Furby
  • 2000s - Bratz, Mindflux and ZhuZhu
  • 2010s - Loom bands, Moshi Monsters amongst many others


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Loom board with loom bands and mini hook

Sturdy plastic loom board, 10 inches in length, and comes with a starter pack of loom bands and a pl..