Piggy banks and money boxes collectables

Piggy banks and money boxes collectables
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Stylish Piggy Bank Handpainted Studio Pottery F261

A stylish handpainted Piggy Bank, the manufacturer is unknown. This Pig measures 8 inches (20 cm) in..


Silver plated Christening Gift Babys First Bank - Christening Money box for a girl

A really cute silver plated money box - Babys First Bank. Pink enamelling to top of the box, with..


Pig Ornament Money Box Piggin Rich Piggy Banks

A David Corbridge pig ornament and also money box, called Piggin Rich. This cute little pig ornament..


Silver plated cube money box pink and cream enamel BABY design - ideal Christening gift for a gir

Great fun cube shaped silver plated money box. Pink and cream enamel decoration make this a perfe..