Continental figurines

Continental figurines

A range of antique and collectable figures from factories in continental Europe including Capodimonte, Dresden, Rudolstadt, Sitzendorf and factories in France and other European countries

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Antique Majolica 15 inch Stork Vases Continental c1890 F340

A handsome pair of antique majolica stork vases dating to circa 1890. Continental and stamped as a m..


c1855 early Sitzendorf lady in green dress figure - F55

An early Sitzendorf figure of a lady in a voluminous green dress. Approximately 14cms high. The glaz..


c1880 Spill Vase Spill Holders F253

An interesting spill vase in the form of large bamboo spill holders with a viola or violin player in..


c1890 Emile Samson after Chelsea figure from antiquity

A superb Emile, (son of Esme), Samson of Paris reproduction of a Chelsea figure. Made around 1890, t..


c1890 Samson after Chelsea figure of Winter CLT592

A superb Emile, (son of Esme), Samson of Paris reproduction of a Chelsea figure. Made around 1890, t..


c1897 15 inch Wilhelm Schiller & Sons figurine - Soldier in 17th Century dress

A stunning period dress soldier by Wilhelm Schiller & Sons. Pottery figurine on pottery base made to..


c1900 10 inch Rudolstadt figure boy under wolfskin carrying bundle of sticks - F88

A handsome creamware figure probably of either Romulus or Remus carrying a bundle of sticks and wear..


c1900 continental Sitzendorf figure and candle holder - F249

A large and beautifully modelled Sitzendorf figural candle holder. Stands approximately 31cms, 12.25..


c1900 Sitzendorf continental gardener lady figure F393

A pretty little hand painted figure of a lady gardener from Sitzendorf, Thuringia. Approximately 11...


c1910 Half Doll Gebruder Heubach RESTORED - F44

c1910 Porcelain Half doll or Pin cushion Doll has an impressed number to the base 7200 1. A lovely C..


c1915 Rudolstadt continental lady with fruit in apron figure F392

A pretty little hand painted figure from Rudolstadt-Volkstedt dating to about 1915. Approximately 12..


c1935 Large Goldscheider hound figure

An imposing and beautifully modelled Goldscheider figure of a hound. In excellent condition and dati..


Capodimonte monk figure - NEGR36

Charming Capodimonte monk figurine. Although previously owned, this figurine is in good condition. M..


Conta & Boehme Possneck cherub figurine with cradle F57 Spill Vase

Charming Conta & Boehme of Possneck Cherub figurine. Manufactured by Possneck of Thuringia porce..


Decorative 14 inch figurine Grape Carrier or Goddess

Stunning 14 inch figurine of a charming lady in a classical style dress, either a goddess or grape c..


Figure Group Lovers With Flowers & Bird NEGR188

A continental figural group of a couple picking flowers and with a bird. Frustratingly, we can not i..


Miniature Blue & Gilt Figure With Basket NEGR190

A miniature 10 cm Rudolstadt blue and gilt figure of a boy carrying a basket of roses. Finely modell..


Pair French Bisque Fisherman, Fishwife Figures - F91

An exquisite pair of figures. Probably French with an applied medal to their bases marked AC or A..


Pair of antique pottery figurines - possibly continental - stand 8 inches - F388

Charming pair of antique figures - frustratingly by an unknown maker. These are standing on an oak b..


Pair of continental figures

Pair of charming figurines. Both are very finely painted but are frustratingly not marked, but are c..


Pair of figurines with horses - part glazed bisque pottery - unknown manufacturer - CLT237

Pair of continental bisque part glazed pottery figurines - lady and gentleman with their horse. Unkn..


Pair Vagabond Figures Rudolstadt-Volkstedt c1960 NEGR198

A pair of vintage Rudolstadt vagabond figures of a boy and girl in period dress. Approximately 4.25 ..


Pair vintage Capodimonte tramps shoes CLT283

A Pair of Capodimonte tramps shoes with floral feature. Approximately 4 inches or 10cms in length. N..


Pair vintage continental made porcelain skating babies figures CLT263

A pair of continental porcelain figures of ice skating babies. Applied shredded clay mixed with refl..


Paris Shepherd & His Wife in Period Dress c1960 NEGR186

A handsome pair of c1960 Paris figures, from Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi - a shepherd holding his bagp..


Richard Eckert & Co Pair Hand Painted Figural Vases F251

An unusual pair of spill vases by the Rickard Eckert & Co factory of Rudolstadt-Volkstedt in Thu..


Signed Antonio Borsato figure GOATHERD

An Antonio Borsato figure - Old Man and Goats - showing a goatherd petting a kid whilst he milks ..


Vintage pair of continental figurines or spill holders - CLT289

Pair of continental figurines - lady and gentleman in period dress. Although previously owned, these..


Weiss Kuhnert and Co Continental figurine - F41

A charming Graefenthal lady figurine, manufactured by Weiss Kuhnert and Co. Very much a period figur..


Vintage Katzhutte hand painted figure of a girl holding a parasol F449

A pretty little Katzhutte figure of a girl holding a parason. Minor damage to the bottom of the p..


Vintage Rudolstadt Volkstedt miniature figure of a girl holding a basket of apples NEGR252

A pretty little Rudolstadt-Volkstedt figurine of a barefoot young girl in peasant clothes carryin..