Royal Worcester figurines

Royal Worcester figurines
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c1887 Royal Worcester Figural Bon-Bon DishF268

A stunning antique Royal Worcester figural compote in the form of a boy carrying a basket on his bac..


Royal Worcester Clara Vogue Collection Art Deco Figurine - F74

Stunning Royal Worcester figure made for Compton and Woodhouse. Young lady in very period dress with..


Royal Worcester Grandmother’s Dress - F19

Beautiful figurine, most probably manufactured by Royal Worcester as either a prototype or trial fig..


Royal Worcester Irene 1920s Vogue Collection Compton and Woodhouse - F337

An attractive cream porcelain figurine - Irene - from the 1920s Vogue collection. Commissioned by Co..


Royal Worcester Living Sculptures Harmony LE of 250 - F263

Very attractive, limited edition of only 250, Royal Worcester figurine. Modelled by Richard Moore an..


Royal Worcester Privy Chamberlain of the Sword and Cape to the Pope in Spanish Costume prototype figure RW3589 F391

A superb hand painted Royal Worcester figure. This is a prototype to a limited edition of 150, purch..


Royal Worcester Sweet Anne RW3630 Freda Doughty Figurine F72

Charming lady figurine by Royal Worcester. Named Sweet Anne, RW3630. Dressed in a blue dress, Sweet ..


Royal Worcester The 1920s Vogue Collection Millie 1926 - F6

A charming Royal Worcester figurine in cream. From the 1920s Vogue collection. Modelled by Nigel Ste..


Royal Worcester Bridesmaid Figurine Royal Worcester Special Day Weddings

Charming Royal Worcester Bridesmaid figurine, ideal gift for a bridesmaid. Although previously owned..